Leolux Caruzzo lenestol



Caruzzo is a swivel armchair made just for you. He boasts a high back for your privacy and traditional upholstery details to ensure that Caruzzo is a feast for the eyes. The striking embroidered seam on the back of the seat is hand-made by Leolux craftsmen. It looks fantastic of course in a contrasting colour.

With Caruzzo, Frans Schrofer created a high-backed armchair of great class, with plenty of attention to design and ergonomics. And because functional design is in our blood, Leolux has added a clever mechanism so you define how actively or passively you want to sit yourself.

Lurer du på hvordan din Caruzzo lenestol kan se ut? I Leolux sin konfigurator kan du designe din Caruzzo lenestol. Prøv konfiguratoren her

Mål: Frans Schrofer
Design: Frans Schrofer

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